Value Engineering

Cost-Saving Integrations

Pinpointing savings before the bidding process

Traditionally, planning for a new build or renovation of an existing building is followed by a bidding phase from the general contractor. Working from approved plans, sub-contractors, suppliers, or vendors each vie to provide competitive, cost-effective proposals. It can be time-consuming but also provide some savings before the project begins.

We’ve decided to streamline the process. With value engineering, we eliminate the bidding process by incorporating cost-saving practices during the planning phase. Because of our design-build capabilities, the process is that much faster. It’s just one of the advantages of using Halbert Construction.



Discovering Value

A meeting of the minds before plans are permitted

Instead of sequestering engineers off in a room by themselves to hammer out plans, we often bring in our sub-contractors to check on the process. It might appear to be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. But our sub-contractors can often suggest different materials or process changes that save money or time overall.

And that’s the point of value engineering. By recognizing alternatives during the planning stage, these changes can be made before the permitting phase. Re-submitting plans with changes can be time-consuming and costly – especially if the project is already underway. In some cases, it doesn’t make sense to stop and restart with improved plans. The savings are mitigated by additional costs.



Another Set of Eyes

More experience results in great yields

Certainly, our planners and designers are well-versed in all aspects of the construction industry. But they don’t necessarily have the day-to-day experience that our sub-contractors do. Perhaps they have a better working knowledge of newer products. Or a different take on a tried-and-true process that will save time. Or even a design element that can be improved.

With that knowledge, approved suggestions can be implemented into the plans. These changes can be vetted during the planning process – instead of wasting time two or three months down the road. This not only saves property owners time but can help with choosing superior products and services early in the planning process.

Value engineering is a great way to improve any project. Incorporated during the design and planning phase, value engineering can be used in any sized job, in any type of building. It’s just one of the ways Halbert Construction gives our clients a well-planned and professional experience.



Cost and Time Effective

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