Feasibility Studies

What You Need to Know

We get the information you need to make informed decisions about your project

The primary reason owners and developers choose to conduct feasibility studies is to determine whether or not a site will make sense to build on. With these studies in hand, builders can make informed decisions about investing in the land or building on an existing site.

This due diligence could save you time, money, and frustration even before construction begins. With decades of accumulated experience working in Clark County, Halbert Construction Services knows what to look for, whether it’s manufacturing, commercial, or industrial. Just like you research a car, lawnmower, or computer before you buy it, let us research your site.



Know Your Zone

You found the perfect location, but will it support your plans?

As a local builder with years of experience here, Halbert Construction is your local Clark County expert. We know the zoning laws in the county as well as the cities and always keep an eye on possible changes made by governing bodies. What might have been allowed last year may be different this year.



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Deeper Analysis

There are many things to consider before moving forward.

Depending on your facility and what it will be used for, proper zoning is just the beginning of our research. From a building standpoint, Halbert Construction Services takes into account everything about the land itself. To give you a better understanding of what the overall cost could be, our feasibility studies include:

  • Soil Conditions: Will it support the building, or will additional reinforcements be needed?
  • Slope: How much excavation will be needed?
  • Drainage: Will extra infrastructure be needed to reach compliance?
  • Adjoining Property: Are special steps needed to account for setbacks?

Beyond the land itself, your building will need to meet jurisdictional codes as well. This could include ADA compliance and other standard considerations or more complex issues like handling ventilation or proper storage of water materials. Halbert Construction Services will provide a conceptual estimate to make sure you are prepared with an accurate budget for your project.



Your Site, Your Study

Feasibility studies are tailored to each project and the specific needs of our clients.

When we perform our feasibility study, we take into account your individual project. Our studies are not one size fits all – each project has individualized and explicit demands. A building in town has much different infrastructure demands than a facility at the edge of the county. No two jobs are ever alike – our studies reflect that.



Halbert Construction Service helps you not only determine if a chosen location is right for you, but avoid any financially fatal flaws in the process. Interested in a piece of land? Contact us for a feasibility study before you buy to make sure it’s right for you.

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