Financial Facts

Does it make sense to make a move?

Just like a homeowner looking to move to an upgraded house, successful commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies also look to expand their operations. When that’s not feasible, they look for ways to renovate their existing buildings to increase the square footage or usability of the space.

Planning for upgrades in a new building or designing ways to take advantage of the existing space is the fun part of the project. But don’t forget about the bigger question: who’s going to pay for it all? Or more accurately, who’s going to provide financing?



Pencil It Out

Financial data is provided to educate everyone involved

We can complete a financial analysis of your project by offering what’s called a pro-forma. It addresses the needs and concerns of both the property owner and the potential financing body, such as a bank. A pro-forma can be a very effective tool to help support your efforts in securing financial assistance to complete your project.

Much like site evaluations or feasibility studies, the pro-forma presents research about the financial state of a project. Depending on the size of the job, several things must be considered. While we don’t get into the price of 16-penny nails, we do provide an overall picture. Halbert Construction Services will lay out an analysis, taking in site improvements, materials, and more into account.



Unbiased Information

Our analysis is for everyone involved, not just one side of the transaction

Our pro-forma presentations are based on well-researched facts and decades of experience of working in Clark County. Both the lending institution and our client will have the same data to analyze and consider. We make recommendations, consider the return on investment, and address potential risks.

As with any large financial transaction, accuracy is key. And that’s what Halbert Construction provides. When looking to secure financing, a pro-forma document is an excellent way to present the project and goes a long way to answering questions any institution might have.

But it also gives the property owner food for thought. We want every project to move forward – if it makes sense. Considering buying land or upgrading your current property? Come to Halbert Construction and find out how to make that happen.

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