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Building the Future of Our Community

World-class construction services, professional approaches, and personal connections.

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Building the Future of Our Community

World-class construction services, professional approaches, and personal connections.

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It shows in every project we work on: experience, professionalism, and a personal touch.


From traditional wood frames to pre-engineered metal buildings, Halbert Construction Services brings design, engineering, and scheduling expertise to every job site. Before breaking ground to getting the final occupancy certification, we’ll be there to make sure it’s done right.

And although we first started the business in 2011, Halbert Construction Services has been a part of Clark County for decades. Many of us have grown up here or spent years in the area. We’ve volunteered our time, donated resources, and sponsored community events. It’s just one of the reasons we take so much pride in our work – this is our home, too.

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A Full Spectrum of Services

Big or small, we’ll handle every detail of your local project.

Halbert Construction Services provides everything a new-build or commercial remodeling project needs. For those looking to start from the ground up, we can find a property, perform site evaluations, and everything else required to get the job started. Because of our relationship with local jurisdictions, we’ll have the information you need to make the right decisions.

Looking to improve an existing structure? We’re well-versed in converting tenant spaces to all manners of business as well as adding more square footage to existing stand-alone buildings. We’ve built clean rooms for industrial laser manufacturing as well as an ice cream parlor. Bring us your idea and we’ll turn it into reality.

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Your Local Construction Company

Years of experience with Clark County private, public, and non-profit entities.

Although Halbert Construction Services was formed in 2011, our management team has more than 90 years of combined experience. And the majority of that time was spent right here in Clark County. We’ve worked with local non-profits, city and county municipalities, and private industrial firms and provided all with exceptional service and professionalism.

Chances are, if you’ve lived in Clark County for any amount of time or visited downtown Vancouver, you’ve seen our work. Creating feasibility studies for facilities that have yet to be built or performing business park tenant improvements, our team has been a part of the community for decades.

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Open Lines of Communication

Our document library provides access to information all day and all night.

When working with Halbert Construction Services, our vendors and sub-contractors have access to our online library of documents. This ensures everyone remains on the same page – even if that page has revisions – throughout the entire process. And it can be reached from a desktop, laptop, or phone from the home, office, or field.

Why do we do it? Because nobody likes surprises. Having a central location for all working documents goes a long way to removing confusion and miscommunication. Eliminating those hurdles makes for a quick, efficient, and in some cases safer project.

Choose a Local Construction Company

Halbert Construction Services is a Clark County company through and through.

If your industrial plant needs an upgrade, your business needs a facelift, or your company needs to start from scratch, contact Halbert Construction Services today. With our knowledge of local business codes, we let you know from the start how feasible your project is. We want you to be as informed about your project as we are.

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