Tenant Improvements

You’ve found the perfect spot for your business. Good foot traffic, close to transportation, in a relatively new business park. The problem? You want to open a shoe boutique and the previous business used to be a salon. You’ll need a complete remodel to get it perfect.

Give Halbert Construction Services a call. Whether you have a new design or a renovation project, Halbert Construction Services can perform a wide range of tenant improvements. Our experience runs the gamut of project types, including office building, retail locations, and places of worship.



Masters of the Complex

Experience with building owners, neighboring tenants, and local jurisdictions

Unlike building from the ground up or renovating within a single establishment, there’s a little more to think about when it comes to Clark County tenant improvements. The building owner wants to protect their investment and other tenants want to make sure their businesses aren’t affected by the construction taking place. And is your business even zoned for the area?

Halbert Construction has a proven track record of scheduling, coordinating, and controlling building improvements from concept to finish. We work with all interested parties to ensure the finished project is something that will be beneficial to all. Not just on the outside, but within the walls as well.



Redesign, Reconstruct, Remodel

We’ll design the perfect spot and keep the permit people happy, too

Depending on the existing infrastructure, there could be more than meets the eye at the start. Consider the above example: a bank of eight sinks doesn’t really fit in a classy retail store. Not only are they terrible display tables, but those hair washing stations also take up a lot of room.

But you can’t just rip them out. That plumbing is attached to the tenants around you, too. Halbert Construction takes all of this into account before starting the project. Nothing puts a damper on a project like a neighboring restaurant that just discovered it will be without plumbing for an hour or two!

We’ll also make sure your business is even allowed in that spot. There are several different retail, commercial, and industrial zones located throughout Clark County. Where does your business fit in? We’ll let you know.

There’s a lot to think about when moving into a business park. While there isn’t much that can be done with the footprint, let Halbert Construction bring your vision to life. We’ve worked within several local malls, downtown commercial districts, and retail centers. Shopped in town recently? You’ve probably seen our work.

If you’re a building owner looking to refresh your center or a tenant looking to make improvements, give us a call. We’ll redesign and remodel your existing spots without disrupting the next-door businesses. Because Halbert Construction knows how important it is to be a good neighbor.



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